CBD OIL for our little “friends”

Most of the diseases mentioned above can also spread among animals, whether they are pets and companion animals or live in the wild. In that sense, CBD oil can be well used in pets in the exact same way, just in a smaller dosage of 300mg (3%). Studies show that CBD can help against a range of diseases in pets and relieve pain, inflammation and stress. Cannabidiol is also considered a spasmolytic for animals.

In addition, hemp and CBD Oil is a 100% natural parapharmaceutical product and even if accidentally or intentionally taken in large amounts, there is no risk of side effects.

Problems that CBD Oil can help our pets with

Cats: aggressive behavior, intense grooming, unjustified “hiding”, anorexia, bladder inflammation, disorientation from litter box (toilet), dilated pupils, significant weight change (gain or loss), marking the house in many places, meowing with a loud wheeze, sleeping more hours than usual, fast breathing, eating plastic objects, getting easily startled by movements or noises, frequent diarrhea or vomiting.

Dogs: “Whale eye” behavior (side gaze with fixed head forward), tremors, severe hair loss, anorexia, whining, incessant barking, yawning, slow walking, defecation/ urination in inappropriate places, reluctance to go out, excessive salivation, melancholia, shortness of breath, hyperactivity, destructive tendency, compulsive behavior, acral lick dermatitis (skin condition).