CBD oil: Recommended dosage

When you start taking the CBD oil, you should keep in mind that during the first three days, results may not be evident. But gradually over the next three days, as dosage is increased by one drop at a time, you begin to see results. Of course, depending on their body, you may see the first results in the very next stage of three drops.

The goal is for each user to find the appropriate dosage, in which the use of CBD oil is effective on their body. The basic pattern is to increase the dosage every three to four days. When you get to the point where you see results, then keep the dosage constant and do not increase it.

Recommended daily dosage of CBD oil


How to take CBD oil

When taking the drop, it is important to have a dry mouth. It is recommended that you do not consume water or food for 15 minutes prior. Instill the drop under your tongue, leave for 1 minute and then swallow. It’s better if you stand in front of a mirror and watch exactly the number of drops that fall into your mouth. To properly complete the treatment, avoid drinking or eating for at least 15 minutes after taking the drop.