Dogs, Cats and CBD

What if this beneficial plant contributes to care products, steam, pharmaceuticals or even nutritional supplements? Its action not only benefits people but also our beloved animals! In more detail, in our online store you will find Pet CBD (Cannabidiol for Pets) which is the easiest and most effective way to boost the health and treat the ailments of your beloved pet.

In our e-shop you will find the most suitable CBD products for cats and dogs. Pet CBD contains an abundant content of CBD, and other beneficial substances such as proteins and vitamins, which contribute to the better health and wellbeing of your pet. CBD for your pet can be administered on a daily basis, is non-psychoactive and delivers its analgesic properties in just minutes. Our expert formulators use all the beneficial properties of the oil especially when it comes to our pets. CBD in pets can help with digestion, restlessness, joint pain, chronic pain, and various types of allergies.

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